Powder Coating

The main target of the company is to provide all type of solutions for powder coating/painting as per customer’s requirement.

It is observed that there are lot of coaters are available in the area but to get a coater with professional approach is very limited. The coaters job is not just to coat the job. They have to give best possible coat with all the basic requirement of coating tests and for that they have to have  the infrastructure to provide required  results. We have established  latest equipments to achieve  the required results like :

    • Ten Tank Pre treatment process
    • Capable of handling bulk metallic components of 3 m long, 1.2 m high and 1.5 m wide.
    • The Derusting tank is SS lined.
    • Motorised Crane System having trolley Cage for soaking full size panels upto 3 m long, 1.2 m high and 1.5 m wide.
    • Powder Coating Booth with powder recovery system meeting MEL level.
    • Covered Powder Coating booth having dust free enviornment
    • Uniform spray coat with uniform coating thickness from 50-125 micron(in special cases it can be extended upto 500 microns)
    • Accurate temprature and timer controlled gas fired baking oven size 5.5 m Long, 2m High and 2 m width having separate heat box for the gas fire with the provision of sequence controller with hooter.
    • A inhouse fully equipped quality labortary.
    • Well documented operating processes.
    • Presence of overhead track as well as trolley track for proper handling of the job.
    • We use a trolley system for the movement of material from pretreatment to dry off zone and from there to the loading point so as to ensure minimal human intervention and effective material flow.

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